Just One Thing …

Outside of the obvious such as love, food, shelter, clothing, family and on and on … if you wanted just ONE thing in life, what would it be? My answer:


I fell about a month ago when it rained in Chicago and then the temperatures dropped drastically, causing the ground to literally turn into a sheet of ice. I knew it was pretty icy, but I didn’t realize to what extent. Needless to say, as I walked to my car I struggled in my boots (which only had a 2-1/2 to 3-inch heel) and before I could get to the car I took a serious tumble to the ground, my laptop flying in one direction and my handbag flying in the other. It hurt. It hurt really bad.

I probably should have gone to the doctor but I decided to suck it up and go to work. When I got to work I started feeling the pain and the pain persisted for days to follow. I fell so hard I literally felt some organs in my body shift, but still no doctor. I don’t know why I was so stubborn and didn’t get checked out and after about a week the pain began to subside so maybe that helped in my decision not to go. While in the healing stage, I could barely walk, it hurt to sit down and sleeping at night was the worse. I thought to myself, “Oh my goodness, this is bad, really bad.” All I could do was pray that I didn’t have a serious injury and I gave praise that I didn’t hit my head.

I think most of us take our health for granted. Having the ability to walk, bend over, reach, stretch, not feel pain and move around comfortably is something we just expect to happen. My pain and stress lasted for a little more than a week, but imagine being in that position every waking moment of your life. Some people are, which is why I am so grateful for good health.

Good Health

Love Is A Beautiful Thing

This past weekend was a very special one for me because I was surrounded by so many measures of love.

One of my twin nephews got married. Why is that so significant? Well being the youngest child in my family, I never had anyone under me to pick on, to boss around, pass along hand-me-downs or teach the facts of life. As the youngest, I always wondered what it would be like to have a little sister or brother. I often thought how cool it would be to have someone to nurture and guide along life. But I never had those opportunities — until my nephews came along.

I was a teen when they were born and I tell you, when they came home from the hospital I was too excited because finally I had 2 “little brothers” whose lives I knew I was going to help shape. From changing diapers, to weekend sleepovers, to hanging out throughout college, my nephews grew into upstanding men of God who have made my family proud.

At the reception my nephew danced the first dance with my sister and the bond between mother and son was unbreakable. Although my nephew’s twin beamed the entire night, it was obvious that he knew the time had come for him to detach with the brother with whom he shared the womb. My youngest sister and her husband, although married for quite some time, acted like they were the newlyweds. And my brother who is the eldest and also married joked about how any of my potential suitors would have to get his approval. I then glanced over at my parents who have been married for more than 50 years and I was in awe at their faithfulness.

It was an emotionally-filled day for me to see that my nephew Zechariah had married his long-time girlfriend Rachel who is a beautiful, classy young lady with a humble spirit and a powerful love for my nephew. Since the wedding on Sunday I have been reflecting on my nephew’s life and how happy I am that he found a virtuous woman. I was even happier knowing that I may have had something to do with that.



Exhale The Stress

Sky CloudsWe live in a very stressful world. Certain things move at a fast pace, people are impatient and on edge. Financial strain affects a good majority of us and sometimes we get caught up in this thing called life.

Don’t forget to take time out of your hectic schedule to reflect on what makes you happy. When you can’t control or change a situation just accept what it is and move on. Focus on the good and positive and know that there will be challenges along the way. When you hit those roadblocks, come up with creative ways to maneuver your way around them. Life is what you make it. Now breathe in … and exhale.








It Doesn’t Require Very Much


What are YOU going to do today to help someone?

It really doesn’t take much, yet the impact is so great when you help others. A simple smile, giving a compliment or a word of encouragement, praising someone for something they’ve done or even sending a text or email of appreciation are some of the ways that you can make someone’s day better.

Just imagine if we all did this on a daily basis, how our attitudes, prejudices and beliefs about each other would change. At the end of the day we are all the same — we all have the same basic needs and the biggest of those needs is love. Now go ahead and put a smile on your face and see what happens.

Maybe You’re Single For A Reason

Do not settle for less! You are what you are and NOBODY can change that. You do not HAVE to be with anyone just to be with someone. I know it’s nice to have someone special, but it is not as much of a necessity as we think it is. Concentrate on yourself and find out what makes you happy. Find time to better yourself. Take a class, travel, hang out with friends, write a book, visit a museum, do something you have never done before, try something new.

I know it may be hard sometimes and you may feel lonely and left out but you are single for a reason. It doesn’t make you less of a woman, nor does it mean something is wrong with you. We always think the grass is greener on the other side, but we don’t always see the trials and tribulations that may come with being in a relationship.

I love love, but I also love myself. And when I’m alone that’s the time that I reflect on my life and realize that there are other things that I need to accomplish before I commit my time, energy and ultimately my life to someone.

Know Your Purpose and Worth

Know Your Purpose and Worth